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is looking for tourguides who have their own tour(s) to offer in English

Are you a Berliner tourguide and have a tour to offer?

I am looking for English Berlin tours. I am looking for 'basic' tours that introduce the obvious Berlin landmarks as well as spezialist tours that even Berliners would find interesting. Very welcome would also be unusual, colourful, queer, quirky, personality shows (one of which, or all ;-)

For these tours for English speaking guests you do not need to speak German but you must be a real 'zugezogener' Berliner and have lived in Berlin for a few years to really know and feel the place. If you could offer a tour in both German and English - even better.

If you want to offer tours in another language, do get in touch and I will consider.

There is no monthly subscription or any other upfront costs. The sales commission ist currently at 15% - which is half of the cost of the large platforms.

I would like to see kontext.berlin as a collaboration. A local business that enables independent guides to have an online presence and an easy online booking facility.

The market for guided tours in Berlin is huge - and it is equally hugely difficult for independent guides to maintain visibility of their own website gainst the dominating giants. Kontext works with advetising and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to increase the pages' presence on the market. The more tours we can sell together, the higher will the site's ranking go and the more can be afforded to be spent on advertising too. Together we are sronger - and will sell more of our tours! 💪

If you are interested - I look forward to hearing from you on: klaus@kontext.berlin