Karl Marx Allee
Karl Marx Allee
Karl Marx Allee
Karl Martx Buchhandlung
Straussberger Platz
Signs on the Kaffee Moskau
Caffee Sibylle
Haus des Lehrers
Weberwiese on a Summer day
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    The Karl Marx Allee

  • 2 Stunden | ca. 3 km zu Fuß
  • Private Tours from 110€ up to 4 people
    (further tickets: 11€ pp)
  • Private Touren erhältlich auf Deutsch oder English
    private tours available in German or English
Since it has become a listed structure, the Boulevard has become Europe's longest listed monument. Since Summer 2021, an application by the Berlin Senate to receive UNESCO world heritage status is in process.
The tour begins at the Frankfurter Tor and end at the Alexanderplatz.

The history of the boulevard is in itself fascinating and stands as an interesting witness of the history/histories of East-, West- and the reunited Germany.

During this walk, you will hear details about its intitial building phase amongt post-war ruins; about plans to demolish the entire boulevard shortly after the reunification in 1989; about it being one of today's hotspots of rent explosion, to the current application to list the structure as a UNESCO world heritage site.

As part of a Friedrichshain tour I used to guide, I have long given a brief introduction to the Karl-Marx-Alee and in the course of this have come to appreciate the Boulevard more and more. One could well describe it as an acquired taste! My increased interest quickly showed me that the boulevard deserves its own tour.
The Karl-Marx-Alee is one of those (many) parts of Berlin, where some extended background knowledge - a look behind the fassades - definitely facilitates an increased appreciation.
About me:
It was a lucky coincidence that I ended up living near the Oberbaumbrücke in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg when I moved to Berlin. Since living here, this wonderfully lively neighbourhood has become a well-loved home Kiez for me, which is why all my tours are in this area (and in the historic center).
Private Tours:
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Tuesday - Saturday: 1pm
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