The Quadriga on top of the Brandenburg Gate
photo of street signs
The socialist-realism mural added to the Haus der Ministerien under GDR rule
Reproduction of the first ever traffic light on Potsdamer Platz with high rises in the background
Memorial Plaque on the ground
Checkpoint Charlie today
High rise buildings on Potsdamer Platz
Reproduction of the sign: 'You are leaving the Amewrican Sector'
Reproduction of the first ever traffic light on Potsdamer Platz with high rises in the background
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    'Wall Tour', Berlin Mitte

  • 3 hours | approx. 3 km to walk
  • Private Tours from 120€ for up to 4 guests
    (further tickets: 20€ pp)
The Tour begins at Brandenburg Gate and finishes at Checkpoint Charlie

On the way you will visit many of Berlins very well-known - and some less well-known landmarks and hear about their eventful history with a focus on the impact that the wall had on certain areas of the city. You will hear stories from the first need for a 'Brandenburg Gate', from the Weimar Republic, the time of the Nazi Terror, the partition and reunification of Berlin/Germany to the birthplace of the 1990s Techno culture.
  • Brandenburg Gate (and how it became an icon of German history)
  • Pariser Platz (its contemporary buidings including the famous Hotel Adlon)
  • Memorial and information point: the Berlin Wall
  • Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe
  • The location of the 'Führerbunker' and the former 'Neue Reichskanzlei'
  • 1980s Living quarters Wilhelmstrasse (built right by the wall at the time)
  • Memorial for Georg Elser who attemptet an assasination of Adolf Hitler
  • The 'Berlin Mall' on the ground of the former 'Kaufhaus Wertheim' and the location of the vault (Tresor) that became a birthplace of 1990s Techno culture.
  • The Sony Center (visiting the hall covered by the iconic roof and seeing remnants of the Hotel Esplanade)
  • (Option: Taking Europe's fastest lift to the top of the Kolhoff Tower with a possible coffe break with panoramic views across Berlin) (approx. 6€ entrance and lift fee per person to be added)
  • Potsdamer Platz (with Europe's first ever traffic light)
  • Preserved DDR watch tower
  • Niederkirchnerstraße (former Prinz-Albrecht-Straße) / Preserved remnants of the Berlin Wall
  • Former Reichsluftfahrt Ministerium (former Haus der Ministerien, today's Finanzministerium)
  • Memoral to the uprisings in East Germany on 17th Juni 1953
  • Former Prussian Parliament
  • Martin-Gropius-Bau (today the Museum for Applied Arts)
  • Introduction to the exhibition: Topografie of Terror
  • Checkpoint Charlie
Private Tours:
Online booking of private tours is scheduled for:
Sunday + Monday: 1pm or 2.30pm and
Tuesday - Saturday: 12am
The booking calender will show up to date, current availability.

For a bespoke tour or different times please send an e-mail or call me!